GUEST FILM REVIEW: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – (Parvez Siddiqui)

…and the Superhero bandwagon rolls on.

Zack Snyder directs this juggernaut of a movie of which we have all been waiting in anticipation for! Or have we?

Following on from 2014’s Man of Steel, BvS delves into the fallout from Superman’s arrival on Earth, and his subsequent battle with General Zod, which destroys much of Metropolis with laser beams, extra terrestrial punching and pretty much a super ruck of the highest order.

As it turns out, during this battle, Bruce Wayne/ Batman (Ben Affleck) happens to be visiting the branch office of Wayne Enterprises in Metropolis that day, and wouldn’t you know it, the tower where all his work chums are located bites the big one with some super eye lasers.

Therein begins the question of the policing of Superman, with congressional hearings, Clark Kent/ Superman (Henry Cavill) making up his own questions about who is policing Batman, and everyone trying to justify each other and themselves. This all seems a bit like government departments justifying their budgets for the next year “well, if I punch this bad guy this year, that means I can punch double the bad guys next year, right?”

This leads to the finale of Batman facing off against Superman, the Dawn of Justice!

I wish I had more to say, but I really don’t. The very stunning Gal Gadot skulks around until we see her in the finale as Wonder Woman, where she teams up with Bats and Soups to fight off Doomsday (who?) and has a massive CGI battle which must have used a green screen the size of the O2. Jesse Eisenberg plays a wisecracking Lex Luthor, and in my humble opinion, if they used Kevin Spacey or Gene Hackman as in previous incarnations, they may have had a better fit.  There are also flashbacks to the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, which I’m sure there are undiscovered tribes in the Amazon that know what happened to them by now. There are so many more stars in this movie, which just pop in and out. This includes Amy Adams as Lois Lane which I haven’t mentioned, and I’m not going to.

This all sounds like I didn’t enjoy the movie, but this isn’t the case. Yes, it weaves in and out, and yes, it is dull and fragmented in places, but I thought it was OK, and this is purely down to Ben Affleck.

For those in the know, Affleck plays an older more rueful Dark Knight, as per the graphic novel ‘The Dark Knight Returns’. He smoulders brilliantly, and is funny where he has to be and is generally brilliant. Affleck has taken a lot of flack for taking this part, but he really shows what power he has on screen, as he outshines everyone.

The problems are that this film is too long at two and a half hours, and could easily have been an hour shorter and gained better reviews. There’s also a lot of posturing with style over substance, and as mentioned before, too much green screen.

Personally, I like my green screen to have 22 players running around on it, kicking a pig’s bladder.


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