GUEST FILM REVIEW: Triple9 (by Parvez Siddiqui)

“999….Triple 9….Officer down!!”

So now we know why we Brits shouldn’t use 999 in the US. We tempt the fate of every policeman responding to this call, when all we wanted to do is get the cat out of a tree!

I went to this film after being quite excited by the trailer. Heat meets Deep Cover (a highly underrated cop/ drug land film with Laurence Fishburne and Jeff Goldblum), a heist, dirty cops, underworld connections, all being my type of faire in a movie.

I won’t go over the film, as Hugh has already done this, but its explosive start had me drooling. But then once the twists and turns started, I found myself getting a little confused, and quite frankly, apathetic to what was going on.

The ‘Triple9, Officer down’ call, was explained far too often, and it’s as if they licensed the use of the term to make sure they got every dollar they could out of it.

Casey Affleck, as our reluctant hero, didn’t really use his aloof charm, rather, he looked as bemused as I was. Aaron Paul was underused and I think that he could have been more of a hero than Casey if he’d been utilised properly. Everyone else, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Woody Harrelson, et al, were all OK.

Kate Winslet, however, did not come across as being as nasty as I’d hoped. I like female villains to be nastier and more on the edge than their male counterparts (like Lena Headey in Dredd). With someone of her talents, she did not frighten me, she just seemed to ask her henchmen to do the bad stuff. Would it have killed her to pull out a fingernail or two?

I’m not saying that this is a bad movie, however, I was expecting Heat for a new generation, and this is simply not it.


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