GUEST FILM REVIEW: Antman: (By Parvez Siddiqui)

Time is infinite, as is space, and the universe. As we all know, there’s also the Marvel Universe, DC universe, and all the other universes that seem to be invading the one we currently live in.

Superhero bandwagons keep rolling on, and with Antman, we’re treated to a new kind of hero! I’m like you, prior to a year ago, I’d never heard of him either. I’m sure Marvel aficionados will be able to tell you about the origins of how Antman came about and how he’s a flawed character yadda yadda yadda, but this is my first encounter with our new insect friend.

From the first trailer I saw, one of Antmans powers would be to be able to use ants as his allies. I did wonder what use could an army of single file, sugar carrying, marching minions be for anyone. But I was pleasantly surprised during the movie to watch them assist in making a hot beverage! I thought that we can now stop inventing things, as we are now living in the future!

This movie is a lot of fun. I went in to see this with no pre conceptions of a dark anti-hero (pun intended) struggling with self-existence, or some over scientific complex movie that needed explaining to the audience every 10 minutes. Basically, the guy wears a suit that makes him the size of an ant, and gets into little spaces, and can then make himself full sized again.

I like Paul Rudd as an actor, and this is a perfect more mainstream role for him. He can basically be his funny self, and be a hero that we all like too. The supporting cast of Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas too are really good. They support Rudd perfectly as his allies, along with a cast of ants too numerous to mention.

I really like Corey Stoll too as the villain. I first really saw him in House Of Cards, when he played a vulnerable US Senator, who I really sympathised with.  In this movie, I liked his power hungry and evil side.  I do think he’s going to be a big actor, and working with Kevin Spacey has only pushed him into better things. Long may it continue as I would consider watching any movie with Stoll.

As for Antman as a whole, I liked it. It won’t win any Oscars, but there is a place for movies where you can check in your brain at the door, and ask to be entertained for 90 minutes.

Parvez Siddiqui


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