FILM REVIEW: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

No matter what any of us make of Tom Cruise the person and shadowy cult member, he is quite frankly top notch at entertaining the public via the medium of cinema.

I can’t remember the last thing I saw with him in it, but it’s got to have been a good ten years ago at least and seeing a noticeably older Cruise still doing what he does so well, it struck me that perhaps, much in the way I felt recently watching an older Al Pacino put in a great turn as Danny Collins, the likes of Cruise and his ilk should be treasured, because just maybe when they’re gone, we’ll not see their like again?

Yes, I just put Cruise in the same bracket as Pacino.

I know what I mean anyway…

In Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation (MIRN), his fellow IMF comrades consist of Simon Pegg who adds some welcome ‘Simon Pegg-ness’ to proceedings, unsurprisingly playing a geeky, technology-savvy sidekick, Benji. The more remote team members William and Luther, are played by Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames, respectively.

There’s the inevitable, sinister selection of wrong-doers that form ‘the syndicate’, in particular the creepy ring leader Solomon Lane (complete with almost demonic, choked vocal refrains – played by Sean Harris), hell bent on eradicating the IMF. There are of course nigh-on ludicrous tasks to be undertaken and thankfully, the film benefits enormously from a splendid femme fatale in the shape of sultry seductress, Rebecca Ferguson.

What’s not to like?

MIRN is a highly enjoyable romp which borders on nonsense, frequently, but never in a bad or tiresome way.

You won’t need to have seen any of the others within this franchise; I hadn’t, so I couldn’t tell you how this one rates in comparison.

MIRN stands up on its own merits.

To what extent you’ve bought into the whole Mission Impossible ethos will certainly dictate how forgiving you will be of the film’s quite frankly ludicrous latter stages. Comic book stuff with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

There’s really not much more to add to be honest; I’ll just say that an evergreen Tom Cruise, actually strapped to the side of a flying plane = Tom Cruise in his element and subsequently Tom Cruise’ legion of fans and action film buffs, together, in theirs.

If it’s harmless, big screen entertainment you hanker after, look no further.

Big budget fun.



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