FILM REVIEW: Terminator Genisys

Whilst critics appear to be universally panning Terminator Genisys, it’s only fair to say that when it comes to the action blockbuster genre, there have been far worse.
I have my suspicions that the fire alarm-driven evacuation of the O2 Cineworld, thirty minutes into my particular screening, was infact some sort of pre-meditated, built in opportunity for the audience to ‘get the hell out – keep on going and never look back’ – (to steal a parlance from the film).
It’s certainly flawed. The plot is overly convoluted, feeling rather shoe-horned in although that may be as much to do with my inability to fully grasp its salient points, it’s true.

As for the casting, Jai Courtney plays Kyle, the man sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor. Sarah herself (Emilia Clarke) is an unusual casting, perhaps a refreshing one even? Pretty, yet not overly so, Clarke is certainly not the all-action shape or type we’ve been brain-beaten into expecting over the years (Lara Croft et al). That said, her diminutive frame does seem to detract a little from any real gravitas she may exude and this in turn contributes to a role that overall, fails to convince.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is pretty much the only one that holds up his end of the bargain. Stoney-faced, all one-liners as we’d expect, with the occasional flash of a forced smile; apparently it’s something he’s ‘learned’ through his extended time spent in the company of Sarah Connor, over the years. A little older he may be, but he’s a safe bet and a box office draw and it’s good to see him back reprising this role. It shouldn’t come as any surprise of course, he said he would be.

Goodies, baddies they’re all present and correct and things progress predictably and in a visually impressive, big-budget manner, but therein lies the age-old problem.

Previous Terminator forays have been a minimum fifteen in their certification, whereas Terminator Genisys plumps for the sell-out, 12A, bums-on-seats rating. You can’t blame them; you’ve got to pay for that CGi somehow, but unsurprisingly, at a cost.

At its outset, Genisys hints at something much darker and considerably more sinister; recapping the rise of the machines and their ruthless battering into submission of the human race. Had things continued more along these lines, Terminator Genisys may well have been a very different beast indeed.

As it is, it’s a harmless enough, expensive, popcorn movie – a slap across the face for Terminator’s  die-hard fan base, no doubt – but a fairly innocuous couple of hours of light entertainment for the rest of society.

Hardly the director’s intentions, I’d imagine.




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