Everything can be fixed. There’s always a solution… Or is there?

‘Locke’ is the story of how any of us, no matter how in control of our lives we assume we are, can see the whole thing come crashing down around us through just one moment of weakness. None of us are infallible.

Tom Hardy expertly portrays Ivan Locke, a highly honourable, dependable and meticulous construction site foreman, battling manfully and methodically, as is his nature, to stay on top of his rapidly crumbling existence, as a catalogue of hellish, personal and professional logistical scenarios unfold, all of his own making.

Director Steven Knight has certainly taken a brave stance basing an entire film on just one visible character, a night drive and a series of increasingly desperate phone calls, but it works and does so convincingly.

Littered with metaphors, innovative and engaging throughout, Locke is a definite ‘must see’ for me.






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