FILM REVIEW: Dallas Buyers Club


“That’s some toxic shit to put into your body… What a surprise, FDA approved”

I still remember vividly, as a kid, listening to the radio Luxembourg signal weave in and out, on a little transistor radio under my pillow and the very earliest news reports of ‘another man being diagnosed with AIDS,’ back when no one was truly aware of the widespread devastation it was going to cause. That and adverts for Cuticura, mildly medicated soap.

Seems a life time ago now, but the Dallas Buyers Club takes us back to those late 70s / early 80s days when HIV was a quick death sentence and the public’s media-fed fear was hysterical to say the least; anything but sympathetic and understanding.

Although not exactly loveable, McConnaughey’s character is a resilient and somewhat inspiring one in his battle to save both himself and others albeit helping himself, financially in the process. All this in spite of the ever politically motivated FDA. Some things never change there.

It’s excellently done and McConnaughey turns in another superb, star performance.

Quite a nostalgic one for me this and really highly recommended.


3 thoughts on “FILM REVIEW: Dallas Buyers Club”

  1. Great review! I absolutely loved this film – so touching and horrifying at the same time. McConaughey and Leto are incredible actors and I loved seeing the pair opposite each other – really made the story with their relationship. I reviewed the film too here – – would love to know your thoughts!

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